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Diesel & Water Mix

Cleaner burning diesel is formulated by mixing up to 30% water in diesel fuel with an emulsifier that keeps the mix creamy for long durations. Other additives can be added to help keep the mix from freezing. The results are cleaner emissions, lower NOx and less particulate matter. The two leaders in this industry are as follows:

Lubrizol / PuriNOx

Clean Fuels Technology, Inc / A-55

Clean Exhaust - H2O2 Future Fuel Invention!

Jet car -vs- Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket car.
Jet car 275 mph / Rocket car 325 mph.

Jet car exhaust is toxic black soot.
Rocket car exhaust is steam and oxygen.

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Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2 Rocket Fuel)


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