So far, the USA has spent ... importing foreign fossil fuel.
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This site is dedicated to the people who strive for a cleaner global environmental future.

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Blue Fuel Magnets
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Eco-Direct Store
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Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen Technology Applications

For wastewater treatment go to WWSI.
Off Grid Energy 
Plasma Converted Gas (PCG)
Propane Conversions 
Racing Fuels

Hydrogen Peroxide - H2O2
Clean Exhaust - Future Fuel Invention!

Clean renewable fuel that can made from water and 
solar energy in any city, state or any country!

   Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket Fuel (H2O2)

Jet Car vs. Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket Car

  • Jet car 275 mph / Rocket car 325 mph.

  • Jet car exhaust is toxic black soot!!

  • Rocket car exhaust is steam and oxygen

Propane Power!


CNG Conversion Kits

Innovative Solar
Submersible Solar Water Pumps


Energy From Waste? Waste to Energy Equipment & Machinery!


Where s the Fuel for the Fuel Cells?

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