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    By Glenn P. DeRosa

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In the 1950's Hydrogen Peroxide rockets motors were a new technology being used by the US Navy to get their heavily laden amphibious aircraft airborne. Once up and out of the water the aircraft would jettison the simple inexpensive rockets to the oceans floors as waste. Aircraft that ordinarily would take 5 -7 miles for take off could now get up and out of the water in approximately one mile. Glenn  DeRosa was also born in the 50's, but it wasn't until 1990 that he decided that the old forgotten Navy technology was exactly what the electric automobiles of the future needed to become practical in a world of global warming, increasing pollution and diminishing fossil fuel supply.

In 1989 while studying transportation futures, DeRosa was working with a team of rocket engineers to design and build a special jump vehicle for a "Jump The Canyon" TV show featuring a British stunt team. It was then that DeRosa learned about the power density of Hydrogen Peroxide as a rocket fuel. He learned that there were clean fuels and clean energy sources that may someday power a new generation of vehicles. DeRosa believed that the future would require electric cars and cleaner transportation, he also believed that Americans would never develop an appetite for electric cars with a low horse power or limited range.

Throughout the 1990's, Glenn extensively studied Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and other alternative fuel potentials. After learning that Hydrogen Peroxide could be made from water and solar energy, he decided that H2O2 would be a suitable alternative fuel for the future of transportation and began his research.

When Glenn first asked his rocket engineers if the Peroxide could be used to spin a generator to make electricity on demand for electric cars, he was told that the fuel weighed too much and would probably cost too much as well. Glenn then asked, "Would the energy conversion become more practical if a heavy flywheel was propelled with short blasts from the rocket exhaust?" The reply was "Young man, you may be on to something."

After several years of extensive research, development and alternative fuels studies, Glenn was convinced about the practicality of a clean fueled hybrid electric vehicle system. 

In 1996 DeRosa applied for a US patent of his ideas, an "On Board Power Regeneration System For Electrically Operated Vehicles."

US Patent # 6,097,164 was issued to Glenn P. DeRosa August 1st, 2000.

The patented system can utilize a variety of fuels to automatically spin a flywheel style generator with spurts of exhaust energy when the vehicle's batteries reach a preset level of depletion. The flywheel continues to spin at a high speed, generating so much electricity that it has to be captured in special capacitors before recharging the batteries.

DeRosa says "Large scale versions of my invention could power buildings, islands or even cities."