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Hydrogen Peroxide

A clean renewable fuel that can made from water and solar energy in any city, state or any country is a chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen with the formula H2O2. Pure hydrogen peroxide is a colorless, syrupy liquid with a specific gravity of 1.44.

Hydrogen peroxide is manufactured in large amounts by the electrolysis of aqueous solutions of sulfuric acid or of potassium bisulfate or ammonium bisulfate. It is also prepared by the action of acid on other peroxides, such as those of sodium and barium.

It is soluble in water, and the common commercial forms are a 3% (97% water) for medical use and a 30% (70% water) for disinfecting swimming pools and Jacuzzis and 70% (30% water) for rocket propulsion, municipal water treatment and other commercial applications.

Highly concentrated solutions can be unstable, and the pure liquid may explode violently if heated to a temperature above 100°C(302.4°F).

Spilled hydrogen peroxide breaks it down into water and oxygen and does not have a negative effect on underground water tables.

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